Financial Assistance

Financial assistance at The King’s Academy is partially funded by the proceeds from the M. Nelson Loveland Student Scholarship Endowment, The James and Annie Erneston Student Scholarship Endowment and The Raese Family Student Scholarship Endowment.

The King’s Academy (TKA) seeks to assist families in affording a quality Christian education to the greatest extent possible. Financial assistance is awarded to those families who demonstrate financial need as evaluated by Independent School Management’s FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition) Program.

Despite a strong commitment to our financial assistance program, each year the number of students who qualify are more than we can fully support. TKA seeks to evenly distribute available financial assistance to those who show a need. FAST assistance is not guaranteed for all those who apply. A new FAST application must be completed each year with the knowledge that prior year’s award amounts are not ensured or considered in future year’s calculations.

In seeking financial assistance, families should follow the steps as outlined below:

Applications received prior to January 1 cannot be considered for the upcoming school year.

Online Instructions: To apply online, go to the FAST website.

FAST has a $41 application processing fee. This fee is non-refundable and payable online by MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. Your financial assistance application also requires submission of your current tax return to FAST. You will be given instructions where to send your tax forms during the online application process. Once the completed online application and current year tax forms have been received by FAST, your information will be calculated and the recommended award made available to the school. Should you have any questions regarding this process, please contact FAST directly.

FAST Phone Number: 1-877-326-3278
FAST Email Address:


Award Notification
The King’s Academy will then make an award based on the availability of financial assistance funds. Financial need is determined by taking into account many factors including income, net worth, expenses and family size. Awards are given until all available funds have been exhausted. TKA has five (5) Award Notification dates:  February 15, March 15, April 15, May 15 and June 15. Your award date will be based on the date TKA receives your assessment report back from FAST and will follow the TKA Award Notification schedule below.

TKA Award Notifications will be sent based on the following schedule:

TKA receives FAST recommendation by: Award Notification
February 1 Februray 15
February 2 – March 1 March 15
March 2 – April 1 April 15
April 2 – May 1 May 15
May 2 – June 1 June 15

*An assessment report must be received from FAST by June 1 to be considered for a financial assistance award.

Employee Tuition Benefit

Employees of The King’s Academy receive a tuition benefit depending on their contracted term.

  • Part-Time employees receive a one (1) student tuition benefit.
  • Full-Time, 10-Month employees receive a two (2) student tuition benefit.
  • Full Time, 12-month employees receive a three (3) student tuition benefit.