College Counseling

Welcome to the King’s Academy College Counseling Page. Here, you will find information about college counseling at King’s, including some links to important outside resources and important tips to get you started on one of life’s great adventures–the transition from high school to college.

The College Counseling Department encourages students to be open-minded, considering various types and locations of colleges; to aim high in seeking college admission while remaining realistic about one’s chances of admission; and encouraging college visits to determine fit.

Attending a quality preparatory school alone does not guarantee college admission. Admission is based upon several factors such as students’ success in their academic classes, rigor of courses taken by the student, SAT/ACT scores, recommendation letters, extracurricular activities (looking for level of participation rather than number of activities), evidence of leadership, personal interviews, and character.

Joanne Hansrote, Academic Counselor
Phone (561) 686-4244, ext. 350
Fax (561) 686-8017

Robin Carrier, College Counselor
(561) 686-4244 ext. 313
Fax (561) 686-8017

Kristina Morrissette, College Counselor
(561) 686-4244 ext. 348
Fax (561) 686-8017